I'm Lee:

  • Salty old copywriter.

  • Coffee snob.

  • Spouter of quasi-zen poppycock.

  • Terrible driver.

  • A way for the universe to know itself.

It's a privilege to meet you.

Now, tell me why you're here:

BUSINESS OWNERS and CMOs: Hire me to personally create your surgical-grade social campaign, website, or direct sales copy for you (subject to availability):

COFFEE LOVERS and PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM: Aside from words, coffee is my passion. My Intrepid Bean Coffee Flight Box brings a world of coffee to people's homes every month!

PODCAST JUNKIES: This isn't your normal business podcast. Each episode, Lee After Dark challenges one brave guest to talk about anything BUT business - and just get real:

EARTHLINGS: Here's the rest of me. I publish books, rattle sabers on social media, pimp my swag store, write magazine guest columns, and who knows what else? Get it all FIRST at #LeeBits: