A kinder, gentler Lee? šŸ¤£

Where's the fun in THAT?!

Crazy-creative minds like mine don't take days off.

So when my team and I aren't busy knocking over obstacles to our clients' profitability and joy, I'm churning out the rest of what I'm known and generally tolerated for - livestreams, articles, books, interviews, and whatever else I can think of to get into.

What really tickles my pickle is that some people outside my head dig it all too.

If you don't have any life-threatening attachments to "normal," grab a spork and dig in!

Choose your guilty pleasure(s):

Lee After Dark LIVE

I sucker business owners into talking about anything BUT their businesses. If you're ever stuck for real-deal inspiration and human-ness, this livestreamed show is where you'll find it.

Lee Does LinkedIn

I post (at least) daily on LinkedIn, and I love seeing just how far I can push the envelope. My posts are as educational and insightful as they are delightfully inappropriate - come get some!

Lee Peddles Books

Pre-orders for my book, Don't Worry, You're Screwed: And Other Tidings of Co(s)mic Relief for a Tits-Up World begin Tuesday, September 8 at 10AM ET - Pre-order and get groovy extras!